Thornwell 4K Celebration!

We just posted a short video of excerpts from our 4K celebration ceremony and clips from the classrooms. Enjoy! You can also view our other videos on our YouTube channel at

Ferguson guys with Family Teacher Travis Vangnses, Trustee Tom Adams, and Advancement Officer, Dennis Reid.

It Takes a Village

You often tell us when you visit that “Thornwell feels like a village community.” And it truly is! We’ve all heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” And that’s what Thornwell does – uses a community of like-minded (and highly trained) individuals to teach, model and guide children toward hopeful futures. [...]

Thornwell Kids Help 18 Charities in 2014

Once again, the children of Thornwell have rallied to help others in need. In 1999, Mr. Wilson Farrell established a fund at Thornwell to encourage the children to give back to the community. Mr. Farrell’s $5,000 fund at Thornwell is distributed each year according to the recommendations of the Farrell Fund Youth Committee. The Farrell [...]

The gathering at the 2014 Farrell Fund check presentation ceremony.

Willie Anderson story

The 50-Cent Vision

Thornwell’s founder, The Reverend Dr. William Plumber Jacobs wanted to start a home for children who were suffering after the Civil War.  One night he prayed, “Lord if you send me ONE dollar this month for the promised building of an orphanage, I will take it as your sign of approval.” Read story below on [...]

Thornwell Spring Festival

For the third year in a row, Dr. Robert Gallagher, independent agricultural consultant, has headed up the Thornwell Plant Sale.  In 2012, he proposed using the existing greenhouse at Thornwell Home for Children to sprout seedlings and then host a Plant Sale as a community service and to raise funds. The event quickly became an annual campus [...]

Plant Sale Collage