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Partnering in Richmond Hill

What a wonderful Partner Luncheon in Richmond Hill, GA last week! Thornwell’s Advancement team traveled to the Savannah area along with Elliot Smith (President), Adam Hucks (Family Teacher) and four of our residents: Larry, Bryant, Ty, and Gabe. If you haven’t participated in one of these events yet, be sure we’re headed your way in [...]



Building the Kingdom

We had such a wonderful time welcoming our Board of Visitors onto Thornwell’s campus last week. Based on the theme of 1 Peter 2:4-5, our time together focused on building God’s kingdom here on earth and through Thornwell’s ministry. It is amazing what God’s people can accomplish together and how futures can be changed for [...]

Meet Amanda

This is Amanda’s Thornwell Story… “Before coming to Thornwell, my mother was absent a lot and my dad was never there. He was always late paying child support and my mom was in and out of the hospital. My Mom was not in the right place to be able to care for a child or [...]

Amanda on a hike in 2014

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We ♥ you!

Around Valentine’s Day, expressions of love seem to be all around us. From billboards and commercials to store marketing and social media posts – “XOXO!” “ILY” “I ♥ you!” Especially at Thornwell, examples of love are everywhere. We see the love of caring staff toward the children in their care on our campus in Clinton, [...]

New Year, Steadfast Love

Your participation and prayers for the ministry of Thornwell in 2014 has helped hurting children and families. You have embodied love, faithfulness and hope. The Bible tells us of God’s steadfast love, unending mercy, great faithfulness and joyful hope – YOU have demonstrated those qualities to the children and families at Thornwell through your support [...]

Lamentations 3:22-24