Berkele Cottage has Room to Grow 1

On Sunday, March 13, 2011 the additional living space added to Berkele Cottage was dedicated to the service of children.

In an expression of gratitude, Berkele Family Teacher, Mike Collins, told the crowd, “This new addition means that our cottage can stay together as a family. We’ll get to see all our girls grow up together. I’d like to thank everyone who has made this possible.”

Berkele Cottage is home to the largest cottage family on Thornwell’s campus. In addition to the eight girls who call Berkele home, there are two sets of Family Teachers, each with two biological children, bringing the total number of family members to sixteen.

Before offering a prayer of dedication, Thornwell Interim President, Dr. Charles Elliott, thanked all those whose gifts made the renovation possible, calling each by name. He also thanked Miss Mamie Berkele, whose original gift of $79,000 paid for the construction of Berkele Cottage in 1962.

Refreshments and cottage tours followed the dedication service.

One thought on “Berkele Cottage has Room to Grow

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez

    I lived in Berkele for I believe 3-4 years. I have fond memories of running down the long hallways where the girl’s room are located.

    Thank you to Christ Presbyterian Chruch for keeping this beautiful cottage flourishing.

    I am now a proud mother and wife and work for a wonderful pediatric hospital. I owe it ALL to God and Thornwell.

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