First UNO Run Turns a Profit for Kids

Photo taken by Ed Long

Thornwell Home for Children really knows how to bring a community together. Mild weather, a beautiful bike route, door prizes, good chili, and GREAT music – all to support children and families in need – made for a perfect gathering of Thornwell residents, staff, alumni and community supporters.

Thornwell Home for Children’s inaugural UNO® RUN* and bike rally presented by Destination Honda and Champions of Thornwell was held on Saturday, April 21st. Thirty UNO Run participants started out from Destination Honda and followed an 80-mile route through Laurens County and parts of Greenwood County, ending up on Thornwell’s campus.

The event entertained about 150 people on the football field of Thornwell with a HUGE chili cook-off, karate demonstration by Thornwell’s Ferguson Cottage elementary school-aged boys, live performances by Family Crest, art sale by one of Thornwell’s residents, biker contests, and free giveaways. The prize of $150 for the best hand was split between YoYo Benjamin and Kelly Spaugh. The cash prize for the worst hand was awarded to Thornwell Family Teacher, Jon Biron. Several other prizes were given to contest victors, chili cook-off winners, and the 50/50 game champion who graciously donated his winnings back to Thornwell.

As a first-time event, the planning committee was hoping to break even. With sponsorships and event day proceeds, the inaugural UNO® Run brought in just shy of $2,000 (net) for the children at Thornwell Home for Children! “We are thrilled at the result and look forward to making next year’s UNO® Run even bigger!” said event chair, Kerry Goodson.

Again, we’d like to thank this year’s UNO® Run sponsors: Destination Honda, TD Bank, Presort Plus, Sadler-Hughes Apothecary, Holmes Photography, Joyeux Fabrics, Southside Salon, and Steamers Café. This event also would not have been possible without our committed volunteers and event chair, Kerry Goodson. On behalf of the many children helped at Thornwell this year, we thank you for your support and participation.

Champions of Thornwell is a volunteer association that seeks to raise both awareness and funds to support Thornwell Home for Children. If you haven’t heard of Thornwell, please visit or call the Home at 1-888-310-9387 to find out why Thornwell is so different from other children’s homes and group foster care facilities. It is more than housing—it is a family-style home that nurtures hurting children holistically.

*UNO is a registered trademark of Mattel.