Going Bald for Thornwell

Mike Roadancer honoring his agreement

Some of you may have heard about the BLITZ fundraising effort that Thornwell’s alumni have spearheaded for the past two years. What was just a spark of an idea became a flame of innovation, and is now a wildfire of Thornwell passion!

In 2010, the BLITZ operated almost solely on Facebook and raised a shocking $50,000. This success spurred a second BLITZ effort in 2011 that sought to go beyond an online campaign. Rising to the occasion, alumni and volunteers went to work sharing the challenge with The Thornwell Alumni Association, foundations, churches, corporations, private companies and individuals.

Advocates for the Home hosted fundraising social events, held garage sales, coordinated tailgate parties, launched email campaigns, facilitated company and individual matching programs, filled donation jars at their work and used our best tool of all, word-of-mouth.  With commitment and enthusiasm from everyone, the flow of fundraising creativity started manifesting in the growing BLITZ balance. 

One sponsor, Mike Roadancer, sought to gain even more supporters, and so he started a fundraising initiative modeled after other notable charity campaigns. He challenged his friends to donate to the cause by offering to shave his head if the BLITZ met the goal. In January 2012, Roadancer honored the bargain by going bald in support of Thornwell. J

Efforts like these and the many others involved with the BLITZ paid off (literally!) with hundreds of people, organizations, and companies joining the cause. With everyone’s help and sacrifice this year, the BLITZ raised just over $100,000 to help with feeding, clothing, educating and nurturing the kids that call Thornwell their home. Wow!

Thank you to all our dedicated and passionate supporters who used the BLITZ not only to raise much-needed funds for the children in our care, but also as a catalyst for sharing about this life-saving ministry. We are truly grateful for you enthusiasm and ongoing partnership. You ROCK!