Growing in Faith through Fellowship

As our children attended camps and conferences this summer they lifted up the message of Christ. Our little ones just finished Pandamania, Vacation Bible School brought to us by volunteers from First Presbyterian Church, Hartsville, South Carolina. Thirty-three children attended with 12 youth helpers. The theme was “God is Wild about You” based on Psalm 139. In three days the children learned many songs, dances and Bible Stories, and made crafts. The last day ended with a slide show, pizza lunch and pool party. Thank you First Presbyterian Church, Hartsville!

“On The Move” was the theme of the Montreat Middle School Conference at Presbyterian College, July 20-24. Twelve Thornwell youth and two adults attended, learning that God is with us on our journeys. The focus each day: Fasten your Seatbelt, Road Trip, Rest Stop, and Let’s Get Moving, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. Small Groups were the highlight of the conference giving our youth opportunities to get to know other youths and adults from all over the south.

Three of our children enjoyed attending Camp Buc, while 24 attended Camp Fellowship this summer. Now our children are looking forward to youth groups, Bible studies, retreats and lots of fall fun. We always appreciate your prayers for the children. Please continue to pray that the message of Christ may dwell in their hearts through faith.