Thornwell Youth Distributes Farrell Fund Grants

Thornwell kids pose for a picture with this year's Farrell Fund beneficiaries.

The Wilson O. Farrell Philanthropy Fund was started years ago as an avenue for the Thornwell School’s high school ethics class to learn about philanthropy. Mr. Wilson Farrell from Columbia, SC, set up the fund requiring students to research all kinds of charities throughout the year. Each spring, the kids would vote on which charities should receive the interest drawn from the Fund. 

In 2007, Thornwell’s Christian Educator, Finley Sutton, worked with fellow church staff to create a program for the Farrell Fund despite the absence of the school. It was decided that the Thornwell youth groups would take it on.

A stipulation for the Fund is that the youth serve in the agencies where they make contributions whenever possible.  Throughout the year, our kids are involved in a variety of service efforts such as helping with Relay for Life, Harvest Hope Food Bank, Laurens Cluster Food Bank, making care packages or cards for LaHatte, and other projects.  

Last week, Thornwell distributed funds to: Bethany Youth Summer Camp, Celeste Houston for World Race, Harvest Hope Food Bank, LaHatte School in Haiti, Laurens Cluster Food Bank, Living Water International, Liz Codington (Missionary to Albania), His Promise Ministries for an orphanage in Namibia, Relay for Life, World Vision, and United Way. Check distributions totaled $5,778!

Each year, more and more children are getting involved in the process.  The Mission Fair the last two years has been great!  Also, having them do their own research this year and present their posters was another step in the right direction.  Thornwell Transitional Living Resident, Celeste Houston’s, presence this year and her talk moved the hearts of our kids.  That is what it is all about!

It has been a privilege to be involved in the wonderful work of these nonprofits and to be able to give back to the community.  We look forward to next year being even bigger and better!