Agriculture Education Center

Community Garden Planting

Thornwell’s Agriculture Education Center has evolved through the years from a full working farm, to a teaching resource, to a 4-H partnership, and now to a hub for healthy living!

We are very excited about Thornwell’s Poultry Project down at the farm. The program is coordinated by Rob Gallagher and maintains both free-range laying hens and pasture-raised Broiler chickens. Starting in July, Thornwell will be offering free-range Heritage breed eggs for $3.50/dozen and also selling the Broiler chickens.

And that’s not all that Thornwell’s Agriculture Education Center offers! Our cottage families and others in the community also work together to tend vegetable gardens that supplement groceries and promote healthy living. There are work shares available for 5 hours/week. In exchange, participants will receive a weekly box of fresh produce.

Do you want to know more about our Poultry Project? Are you interested in Thornwell’s Cooperative Community Garden? If so, please contact Rob Gallagher at 814-574-6644.