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You can give online now by clicking the blue button or mail your gift to Thornwell Home, 302 S. Broad Street, Clinton, SC 29325. Thank you!

Thornwell does not currently fundraise via Twitter. The only official emails from Thornwell use a extension. If you have any questions about donating to Thornwell’s ministry, please contact us at 864-938-2100.

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Thornwell Fund for Children

Our Annual Fund is the fuel source for Thornwell’s programs and services. Its funding makes an immediate difference in the lives of children and families and, in turn, our communities, schools, and churches.
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Sponsor a Cottage

Helping children meet daily basic needs is an investment in the future of the children and our society. Both will be better for it. And in a very real sense, when you give a gift to bless children, you receive a blessing in return.
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Building Blocks Monthly Giving Program

Thornwell’s children have needs all year long. Help us be good stewards and plan best for their care by partnering with Thornwell as a Building Blocks member. You can sign up to give any amount – you can stop or change your commitment at any time!
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Church Giving

Thornwell’s children are thankful for the generous support they receive from churches across the southeast and beyond. There are a number of ways your church can help support this ministry.
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Jacobs Society

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Those who have remembered Thornwell Home for Children in their estate plans become members of the William Plumer and Mary Dillard Jacobs Society. Click here for more information.

Children’s Needs List

Thornwell welcomes in-kind gifts and services (contributions of equipment, supplies, or other property) along with, or in lieu of, cash. Choose from the list below, or contact Chandra Coleman at 864-938-2700. Email to see how your in-kind gift may help.
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Donor Rights and Privacy Statement

Thornwell Home for Children honors the American Association of Fund Raising Counsel’s Donor Bill of Rights and is concerned about the privacy of donors and individuals who express interest in this ministry, as well as the privacy of our clients, volunteers, and employees.
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Thornwell’s Financials

Thornwell Home for Children is a 501(3)c nonprofit organization. Our most recently completed Form 990 and audited financial statements are available online. Click the following links to view the most recent Form 990 or to see the most recent audited financials.