Jacobs Society

Jacobs Society image-01The William Plumer & Mary Dillard Jacobs Society was established to recognize friends who have notified Thornwell that they have made a gift in their will or any other type of planned gift for the benefit of future generations of children that will be cared for through the programs and ministry of Thornwell.

All who notify Thornwell that they have remembered Thornwell Home for Children in their estate plans become members of the William Plumer and Mary Dillard Jacobs Society. If you have already included Thornwell in your estate plan, we are most grateful. Please notify us so that we can thank you and add your name to the Jacobs Society roster. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will honor your request.

Please let us know of your decision by calling 1-864-938-2100.

Jacobs Society Members:


Mrs. Marilyn L. Barron

Mr. Joseph O. Cockrell

Mrs. Carol R. Copp

Mrs. Betty G. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Geer

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hamrick*

The Rev. and Mrs. William H. Heilman*

Mrs. Norma K. Horan-Vogt*

The Rev. and Mrs. Richard L. Huggins

Mr. and Mrs. R. David Hughes

Mr. Stanley C. Kiem

Ms. Louise H. Lang

Mr. and Mrs. C. Carl Mertins, Jr.

Mr. C. David Mitchell*

Mr. James H. Montgomery

The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Keith L. Riddle

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Schickler

Mrs. Edna C. Smith*

Miss Mary Jane Tenny

Ms. Jane C. Urban


Mrs. Marjorie M. Bates

Mrs. Martha Westbrook Clark*

Mrs. Ann H. Dunwody

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Ellison

Mr. W. Ross Franck*

Mrs. Dorothy C. Fuqua*

Mrs. Dot B. Handley

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Holland

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hull

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hull*

Mrs. Kathleen H. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kesler

Ms. Jane Boyd Lee

Mrs. Rebecca Maxwell*

The Rev. W. Larry Owens

Mrs. Mary S. Page

Dr. William P. Putman

Mrs. Lois Jean Reynolds

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Saye

Mrs. Gloria E. Smith

Mr. Ralph D. Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Vanni

South Carolina

Mrs. Maryann C. Abbott

Mrs. Dorothy C. Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Anderson

Ms. Kathryn H. Andrews*

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Aughtry, III

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Barr*

Mrs. Harriett W. Bedinger*

Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bethea

Mrs. Louise D. Bevan

Ms. Margaret L. Brice

Mr. William R. Britton, Sr.*

Mr. and Mrs. B. Carlton Brown

Ms. Anne F. Callahan

Mr. Johnny G. Davidson

Miss Helen E. Davis

Mr. and Mrs. M. Curtis Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. de Holczer, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Dunlap, Jr.

Ms. Kathryn O. Freeman*

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Glenn

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Graver

Mrs. Louise J. Guy

Mrs. Frances W. Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Herron, Sr.

Mr.* and Mrs. J. Toddy Hopkins

Mr. F. Neal Houston*

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Howell, Jr.

Mr. Jess B. Jackson

Mrs. Gloria Jean Lane

Dr. Sara M. Lindsay

Miss Nancy MacArthur

Miss Sally MacArthur

Mr. John Q. Marshall, Sr.

The Eleanor Powell McKinsey Family

Mr. and Mrs. George T. McLeod

The Rev. and Mrs. Vernon D. Miller

Mrs. Jean F. Moody

Mr. and Mrs. Elias Whilden Nettles, III

Mr. Oscar M. Nickles*

Mr. and Mrs. F. Andrew Norwood

Miss Evelyn I. Randall

Dr. and Mrs.* George B. Richardson

Dr. and Mrs.* Allen S. Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Sears

Mr. Jan Sisk and Maria Lopez

Miss Brooks Sloan*

Dr.* and Mrs. Robert E. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Swetenburg, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Temple

Mr. Donald W. Thurber

Mr. Calhoun W. Umphlett, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Waterman

Mrs. Nancy S. Williams

Ms. N. Carole Wise

Ms. Evelyn C. Wyche

Other States

Miss Helen S. Burnett

Ms. Nancy A. Fryer

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Johnson

Mrs. Sarah K. Lozier

Mrs. Betty R. McDonough

Dr. Jack R. Presseau and Mrs. Jane T. Presseau

Miss Mildred L. Willson

Members requesting to remain anonymous –  72